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Now You See It, Now You Don't: LCD Privacy Glass Repair And Installation

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LCD privacy glass is futuristic window glass you can have in your home now. This liquid crystal display glass is programmed to turn opaque or decorative with a command or a remote, which makes it so unbelievably cool. Perhaps the only drawback about using LCD glass as window glass is that it can crack and shatter rather easily when the LCD is applied to existing windows in your home. When it does, you will need to have glass repair done by a professional LCD window glass technician. There are two options for LCD window installation, supported by three repair options.

Installing LCD Privacy Glass

The two options for installing LCD windows and privacy glass have a very large difference in price. The less expensive option takes the glass windows you currently have and transforms them into LCD glass. The more expensive option, and the one that provides you with dozens of different ways to decorate, entertain and customize, is LCD glass made in the factory. The factory-made glass incorporates nanotechnology, coating and submerging the glass entirely in liquid crystal before encasing it in a window frame made to fit your specifications. Factory installation specialists arrive with your order and perform all the installations so you do not have to hire a separate contractor.

When the LCD Glass Breaks

If you invest in the factory-made LCD glass, it is pure LCD and will not break or crack unless you are whipping bowling balls at it. (It is a property of true LCD glass to maintain its strength and durability.) Choosing the less expensive option (coating your own glass with LCD applications) does not afford you the same guarantee or sense of security because standard glass, even with the LCD application, does not have the same tensile strength, thickness, factory warranties or guarantees. Your own glass coated with LCD is several more times likely to break. Then you will have to decide how you want to repair or replace the glass.

Reverting back to standard glass windows means you can hire any glass and window installation expert you want. Replacing the broken glass with LCD coating means you have to hire both a window and glass contractor and the LCD technician. The final option means that the LCD glass company sends their technician out with your replacement windows to remove your broken ones and install the new LCD ones. What it all boils down to is that if you are certain you want to invest in LCD glass for all of its fascinating and useful properties, you should purchase the true LCD glass from the start.